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WIZMEN General Ledger

WIZMEN General Ledger is core module of WIZ-ERP system. It offers advance options to setup multi-segmented chart of accounts, recurring transactions, budgets, calendars, sequences and journal types. User defined Financial Statements, additional fields and narrations are also distinct features of WGL. Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Accounting Ratios and Variance Analysis are the some of major reports of the module.


WIZMEN Accounts Receivable

WIZMEN Accounts Receivable covers Sales and Receipts operations in extensive detail. Customer Profile, Broker/Sales Person Commission, Price List, Payment Terms, Credit Limits, Area definitions are key setup tasks. Sales Order, Dispatch Advice, Sales Invoice, Debit/Credit Notes and Receipts are major inputs. Sales, Receivable, Bad Debts and Aging are some of analytical reports of WAR.


WIZMEN Accounts Payable

WIZMEN Accounts Payable deals with Purchase and Payments. Supplier profile, Payment Terms, Credit Limits are prerequisites of the module. Module covers Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Payments and Debit/Credit Notes. 3 to 4-Way Invoice matching is offered by the system. Module is rightly integrated with Inventory, Purchasing and General Ledger modules.


WIZMEN Purchasing

WIZEN Purchasing covers pre purchase operations i.e. RFQ (Request for Quotations), Quotations and Purchase Order. Quotation Analysis, Rate Comparison, Supplier evaluation and Last Purchase history is maintained by the system. WP works jointly with Accounts Payable module.


WIZMEN Cash Management

WIZMEN Cash Management module covers Cash and Bank related operations. Bank Reconciliation, Cash Forecast, Cheque Printing and Cheque Book Control are key features of the modules. WCM is tightly integrated with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payables.


WIZMEN Inventory Control System

WIZMEN Inventory Control System deals with Raw Material, Finished Goods, Spare Stores and all other type of inventories. Item attributes can be flexibly assigned to the multi segments item category structures offered by the module. Multiple Item Category, Cost Center and Locator flexible structures can be defined. Multiple Inventory Organization and Sub Inventories can also be created with optionally selected valuation method i.e. Moving Average, LIFO and FIFO. WICS also offers user defined Inventory Statement Generator. Dead Stock, Slow Moving, Reorder Level, Consolidated Stock, Receipts and Consumption are some of Analytical Reports.


WIZMEN Fixed Assets System

WIZMEN Fixed Assets System deals in Asset Additions, Deletion, Depreciation, Amortization, Sales, Transfer, Adjustment and Revaluation. Asset Category Flexible structure offers user defined asset properties to assign with an asset. WFAS is integrated with Payable, General Ledger and Inventory module. Asset Register, Depreciation Schedule and Asset Stock are some of reports of WFAS.


WIZMEN Academic & Fee Management System

WIZMEN Fee Management Module is purposely designed for Educational Institutions. Different Fee Types and Optional Fees like Hostel Fee and Coaster Fee can be setup using flexible Fee Setup option. Different Fee operations are automated to manage huge number of students. Fee Receivable, Late Fee Fine, Fee Revenue Receipts and other analytical reports are generated by the module. WAFMS is integrated with WIZMEN Academic System and General Ledger System.


WIZMEN Academic System

WIZMEN Academic System deals with Pre-Admission and Post-Admission Academic operations. Pre-Admission operations include Candidate Application, Test Results, and Interview Results and finally generate merit lists. Post-Admission operations cover Time Table, Student Attendance, Leave Record, Examination Results and Student Transfer record. Multiple Academic Programs with large number of students can be handled with module.


WIZMEN Spin Plan System

WIZMEN Spin Plan System is a decision supporting tool specially designed for Textile Spinning units. Raw Material Rates, Back Process Limitations, Production capacity and other different parameters are enabled in the system to generate all possible spin plans demonstrating maximum profit or minimum loss.


WIZMEN Point of Sales System

WIZMEN Point of Sales System is designed for medium to large Super Markets. It covers all POS operations including Price List, Discounts, Credit Card handling, Void Transactions, Refund Transactions, Exchange Transaction, Item Search Facility, Non-stock Items etc. WPOS can be integrated with cash drawer, display pole, slip printers, bar code scanners and magnetic card scanners. System generates Cashier wise, Machine wise, Floor Wise, Item Category wise and Department wise Sales and Refund reports.


WIZMEN Attendance System

WIZMEN Attendance System has been designed in such a way that it can be attached to any Time & Attendance device including biometric, Bar Code, Magnetic Stripe and RF Scanners. WAT is further integrated with HR & Payroll system. System includes all attendance related controls and reporting. Exception Reporting is a key feature of the module.


WIZMEN HR & Payroll System

WIZMEN HR & Payroll System covers all pre-employment and post-employment processes related to an employee. Pre-employment process starts from Recruitment Requirement and ends up with joining of any employee. Same as Post Shipment process includes hiring till the leaving of an employee. Flexible Allowances and deductions columns are offered on salary sheet. WHPS generates bunch of reports including Employment Register, Sanctioned Strength Comparison, Salary Sheets & Slips, E.O.B.I. Reports, Social Security Reports and Over-Time Reports etc.


WIZMEN Real Estate System

WIZMEN Real Estate System has been designed to cater all operations of Housing Societies. System begins with definition of Project Hierarchy covering definitions of phases, sectors and blocks. Member Registration, balloting, receipts, transfer of plots, cancellation of memberships are key transaction of Real Estate part. System is tightly integrated with General Ledger and Accounts Receivable System.


WIZMEN Production & Costing (Printing & Packaging)

WIZMEN Production & Costing system is exclusively developed for Printing & Packaging Industry. It is tightly integrated with General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control System. System starts with Customer Sales Order and ends up at Receipts from customers. Job Cost and Revenue Generation reports are key features WPC module.


WIZMEN Cotton Purchase System (Spinning)

WIZMEN Cotton Purchase System covers all cotton related operations in a textile spinning unit. The processes include Pre-contract sample lab test, Contract, Receiving of Cotton, Post Receiving Sample Lab Test, Cotton Purchase Invoice, Payment to Cotton parties and Issuance of Cotton. WCPS keeps stock position of cotton Station wise, Supplier wise, Lot Wise and even bale wise.


WIZMEN Data Replication System

WIZMEN Data Replication System is a tool to off-line replicate data from remote sites to and from main database server. It can be jointly deployed with all WIZMEN modules to replicate data in a very user friendly environment and it does not require DBA knowledge contrary to standard Oracle Replication tool.